Endocrine and Diabetes Associates, LLC
Practice Closure Notice:

Effective March 30, 2024, we are permanently closing our Endocrine practice. The final day for patient appointments is March 29, with some administrative services for the closure and medical records transfer in April. 

Drs. Beatriz Chanduvi, Archana Shetty, Anurag Gupta and Yemul Almecci will each be relocating into different clinical practice settings in Montgomery County, and are looking forward to continuing to provide Endocrine care to their established patients and to new patients. 

Dr. Patricia Petrick is retiring after 40 years of practice, with fond appreciation for her patients, staff and her incredible colleagues, present and past, for their dedication to working together toward that goal of better health. 

We will be assisting with the transition from this practice to new locations, or to new providers. The local List of Endocrinologists resource is available on this website and will continue to be updated. A medical records release form is available on the website. Request your records by submitting the form to our office by mail or by email request@endocrinemd.net prior to March 30. You may also request directly to us at the time of your visit, or by web message. We can forward records for ongoing care to your selected provider. In addition, some chart documents may be placed on the portal for you to transfer to your personal medical records. Long term storage of all records will be with www.desertriversolutions.com after April. Further instructions for procedures after office closure will be updated on this website.

Please review your prescriptions for medications and supplies to obtain any needed refills prior to March 30. Future prescription requests should be transferred to the new Endocrine office, or through your primary care physician.

For patients continuing care with your current doctor, or a doctor in our group, please refer to the individual physician letters that are available on this website for more detailed information.

It has been a privilege to care for so many people in our community and we truly value the relationships we have developed through the years. The providers and staff of Endocrine and Diabetes Associates wish you all good health and happiness for the future.